Glasses for liquor and vodka: types and choices

14 декабря 2021

Many people choose to drink alcoholic drinks from beautiful tableware. For some, this is of great importance and turns into a kind of special ritual and even a tradition of spending time.

There are many manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, producing really worthwhile copies. True connoisseurs, as a rule, prefer real crystal.

Bohemian glass is produced by a well-known brand called “Aleks Crystal”.

The main advantages of «Aleks Crystal»

Having decided on the store, it is recommended to buy glasses on the website at the best prices from the wide range presented. The choice in favor of the company Alex Crystal will certainly give a lot of positive emotions after the purchase, which will not disappoint the buyer.

This manufacturer has the following positive features and characteristics that make it so popular and in demand today. The indisputable advantages include such advantages as:

  • to this day they are leaders in the production and sale of products made from Czech glass on the world market;
  • these products are seriously interested in many countries, including the United States of America, the countries of Asia and Europe, as well as in the United Arab Emirates;
  • over the past few years, many interesting and original episodes have been released, which have departed a little from the usual classics;
  • delivery is carried out anywhere in the world;
  • the customer support service operates around the clock. You can contact her in any way convenient for a potential buyer.

Current assortment

In the online store in the current online catalog, such varieties of glasses are available for purchase, intended for the use of a noble liqueur, such as:

  • a series called «Germanicus» — characterized by a successful combination of various colors and shades, for example, blue, green and deep red;
  • «Caesar»;
  • «Mona Lisa»;
  • «Memphis» — a matte cut and colored crystal with twenty-four percent lead oxide content is used;
  • «Charmel»;
  • «Jasmine» — luxury series;
  • Gold «Annette» — golden colors prevail;
  • «Cold Flowers» — considered an exclusive copy;

All of the above names are distinguished by unsurpassed quality, attractive appearance, a special and unique style is felt in them. Every bend, shape — absolutely everything here is thought out to the smallest detail.

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